French Canadian Voice Over Talent

Native and bilingual French Canadian voice overs. Lili is specialized in commercials, narration, VOG’s, and voicemails for the Quebec French Canadian market. She is an ACTRA and UDA member in good standing. All recordings are executed from Lili’s professional home voice over studio. 

The challenge

Finding the right French Canadian voice can be challenging, especially when French isn’t your first language. Many talents advertise their services, but unless they’re native speakers who have trained and are able to maintain the quality of their French through constant work, local audiences won’t connect with them.

The solution

Working with a native French Canadian is not only key in terms of the accent your audience will identify with, it will also ensure that your script is accurate and that you’re using local expressions above and beyond your translation. Lili will flag mistakes and make sure you come across as authentic and respectful.


Here are Lili’s most popular voice services.

TV Commercials

Lili is a highly sought after television commercial voice actress. She has that modern edge you need to stay current, while maintaining a friendly and conversational tone.


Lili is often called upon to voice manifestos, from boutique agencies with niche markets to large well-known brands. She has that perfect mix of gravitas, warmth and authority.

Video Games

From portraying unique characters to voicing video game trailers, Lili performs many different types of characters and is oten called upon to portray haunting or edgy characters.

What Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from her, let her customers do the talking!

“Lili has a fun, professional attitude and a great work ethic. I never hesitate to put Lili’s name forward to our clients and I know that she will come through with a great read. The fact that she can deliver in English and French is icing on the cake.”

Mark Ovens

Producer, Shark Tank Digital

“Thank you for your participation in Countdown 2010, held at the Richmond Olympic Oval on February 12, 2009. Your contribution as the voice for the production added a level of celebration everyone in the audience could feel in their hearts as we counted down. The professionalism and enthusiasm you portrayed while rehearsing and executing the event was well received as our team came together to produce this event. We look forward to working with you again on future projects.”

Heather Connell

Project Manager, Patrick Roberge Productions Inc

“Whether its TV spots or promotional videos, English or French, last-minute or last-minute, working with Lili is one of the most rewarding parts of our job. The recordings are top-notch and her response to directives is always can-do. A great voice and a great sensibility.”

Doug, Felix and Peter

Producers, Hot Spots Productions

“Lili Wexu is a fresh MODERN voice talent in every respect. Her sound and services are global; her brand is rock-n’-roll enough to engage the “next generation” yet carries enough heartfelt sophistication to infuse any project with the necessary dose of credible, easy authority. Interfacing with this smart professional is quick, simple, state-of-the-art and best of all, FUN.”

Nancy Wolfson

Owner, Braintracks Audio

“Lili Wexu provided voice for 32 award nominee packs for the JUNO Gala Dinner and Awards. Lili listened carefully to our needs and quickly understood and demonstrated the style we were seeking. She was able to offer several subtle variations for us to choose from. Lili helped us to realize a perfect end-product on budget and on time. Her ability to move effortlessly in and out of English and French names was a bonus for this iconic Canadian event. I would not hesitate to recommend Lili for professional voice services.”

Tony Talarico

Project Manager, MVKA Productions

Let us know:

  • Who the client/product is (to assess potential exclusivity conflicts);
  • Type of project (commercial, narration, live VO, etc.);
  • Where the production will be used (tv/radio stations & markets, social media, client website, conference, trade show, internal usage, one time usage, etc.);
  • For how long (for commercials: 7-45 day runs, 3-6 months, 6-12 months. For online: 1 year, 2 year, etc.);
  • Word count;
  • Whether the voice over should be synched to images or fit within specific timings;
  • How you would like the recording to unfold? Is Lili recording on her own, are you calling in, are you recording remotely via Source Connect?;
  • File format preferred (mp3, wav, aiff).
  • Make sure you have the final script. Corrections in a recording can make it sound patchy.
  • Time your script by saying it out loud and timing it with stop watch to make sure it is the legth you want.
  • Get pronounciation of names that will be narrated and keep them in a recording for reference.