Voir cette page en Français. Fluent in French Canadian and English, Lili offers bilingual conversational voiceover narrations for commercials, tv shows, documentaries, government narrations, business narrations, app explainers, youtube narrations, tech learning narrations, web presentations, online videos, trade show pitches, sales pitches, pharmaceutical narrations, employee training, e-learning voice overs, museum tours, tutorials, voicemail recordings, messages on hold, auto-attendant prompts, ivr prompts, etc. Her deep voice is warm, friendly, authoritative, upbeat, sexy, sassy, youthful, mature, according to your needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact Lili to find out more about getting professional voice overs recorded.

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French Corporate Narrations

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French Canadian Voicemail, IVR, Auto-Attendant

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Let us know:

  • Type of project (commercial, narration, live VO, etc.)
  • Market (internet, or if it's a commercial: local, regional, national, global)
  • Approximate word count and/or length of VO.
  • File format preferred (mp3, wav, aiff).
  • Make sure you have the final script. Corrections in a recording can make it sound patchy.
  • Time your script by saying it out loud and timing it with stop watch to make sure it is the legth you want.
  • Get pronounciation of names that will be narrated and keep them in a recording for reference.


Rates always include editing (noises & mistakes are taken out) and files are separated if required.


Turnaround time is usually within 4-72 hours, or to meet your deadline.

File delivery

File delivery via hightail. See Payment & Delivery section to find out how to obtain your voice overs. If you require a Source Connect session, ISDN bridge, or phone patch we’ll be happy to accommodate you.


Lili is a professional bilingual female narrator providing English & French Canadian voiceover services for business and TV narrations.