Voice Over Studio

See this page in French. Bilingual Narrator Lili Wexu owns her own professional home studio equipped with Source Connect. Her iso-booth is located in Los Angeles, CA.


Lili’s professional studio is equipped with:

  • Apogee Duet sound interface
  • Grace Design 101 preamp
  • Neumann u87 microphone
  • Source Connect
  • Phone patch or Skype

SPECS: Use any phone to call in.

RATE: Included in session fee + your long distance fees.


BOOKING METHOD: For narrations of 750 words or less, booking a 30 minute slot is usually sufficient.

LAST MINUTE BOOKING: If Lili’s available, it’s not a problem.

SPECS: Source Connect Standard

RATE: Included in the session fee on Lili’s end. You will have to pay for the studio you hire to execute the recording on your end. 

USERNAME: thelilicat

BOOKING METHOD: Schedule your session by choosing the desired session length:

LAST MINUTE BOOKING: If Lili’s available, it’s not a problem.


Lili works with ACTRA and UDA contracts and rates. VO fees always include editing (noises & mistakes are taken out) and files are separated if required.


For scripts under 750 words, turnaround time is usually within 24 hours. Click here for more detailed time tables, or to book a recording.

File delivery

File delivery via hightail. If you require a Source Connect session, ISDN bridge, or phone patch we’ll be happy to accommodate you.


Lili is a professional bilingual female narrator providing English & French Canadian voiceover services for business and TV narrations.