Voice Over Talent Hiring Tips

Avoid bad surprises… Get a sample of your script voiced!

Avoid bad surprises… Get a sample of your script voiced!

Here's the thing: the voice over talent you selected has a great demo...so your voice over will sound great, right? Not necessarily. Keep in mind talents either use voice overs they have done in the past for other clients on their demos, OR, they get them produced...

Why use a voice over?

Why use a voice over?

Here's the thing: You have great images (even footage), and excellent music...why would you need a voice over? Well, based on the multi sensory approach you will have a bigger impact on your clients if they can hear the words you are trying to convey as well as see...

Getting Your Voice Over Right the First Time

Getting Your Voice Over Right the First Time

Here's the deal: You want the voice over narration that will represent your business to be perfect!    But there's a problem.... Back in the old days, talents didn't have home studios, so getting the voice over narration right the first time was crucial. When clients...


Let us know…

    • Who the client/product is (to assess potential exclusivity conflicts);
    • Type of project (commercial, narration, live VO, etc.);
    • Where the production will be used (tv/radio stations & markets, social media, client website, conference, trade show, internal usage, one time usage, etc.);
    • For how long (for commercials: 7-45 day runs, 3-6 months, 6-12 months. For online: 1 year, 2 year, etc.);
    • Word count;
    • Whether the voice over should be synched to images or fit within specific timings;
    • How you would like the recording to unfold? Is Lili recording on her own, are you calling in, are you recording remotely via Source Connect?;
    • File format preferred (mp3, wav, aiff).

Before recording…

    • Make sure you have the final script. Corrections in a recording can make it sound patchy.
    • Time your script by saying it out loud and timing it with stop watch to make sure it is the legth you want.
    • Get pronounciation of names that will be narrated and keep them in a recording for reference.


Lili works with ACTRA and UDA contracts and rates. VO fees always include editing (noises & mistakes are taken out) and files are separated if required.


Lili is currently working limited hours, delays in turnaround times are to be expected. Click here to book a recording.

File delivery

File delivery via hightail. If you require a Source Connect session, ISDN bridge, or phone patch we’ll be happy to accommodate you.


Lili is a professional bilingual female narrator providing English & French Canadian voiceover services for business and TV narrations.