You never have a second chance to make a great first impression. Get a professional voicemail recording from a trusted female voice talent. To make your script writing process easier, Lili created the following templates. Feel free to edit them based on your needs and on your phone system:

All recordings are executed from Lili’s professional voice over studio. Find out about her availabilities and turnaround times.

French Canadian Voicemail

English Canadian Voicemail

Tell us about:

  • Type of project: IVR, message on hold (MOH), TTS, etc.;
  • Word count;
  • Number of files needed;
  • Required file format (mp3, wav) and audio specs (bit, kHz, mono or stereo).
  • Have the final version of the script. Sentences recorded at a later date can sound awkward.
  • To avoid delays, get the correct pronunciation for any unusual names (including brand names), and keep those on file. 

If you need files with a low sample rate (8 bit or 8000 Khz), your recording will sound muffled. DO NOT WORRY: This is normal and your recording WILL sound the way it is supposed to on the phone. By default, phones produce sounds of low quality .


ACTRA and UDA voice over fees always include editing (noises & mistakes are taken out) and files are separated if required.


For scripts under 750 words, turnaround time is usually within 24 hours. Click here for more detailed time tables, or to book a recording.

File delivery

File delivery via hightail. If you require a Source Connect session, ISDN bridge, or phone patch we’ll be happy to accommodate you.


Lili is a professional bilingual female narrator providing English & French Canadian voiceover services for voicemail greetings, IVR & auto-attendant systems.