Why use a voice over?

Here’s the thing: You have great images (even footage), and excellent music…why would you need a voice over?

Well, based on the multi sensory approach you will have a bigger impact on your clients if they can hear the words you are trying to convey as well as see them. While it is clear that audio alone isn’t as impactful on our memories, it is also clear that visuals alone aren’t as impactful as combining audio and visual (and tactile if you can).

And let’s face it…

Putting that voice into your script really brings your story to life and humanizes it. In a time when we are surrounded by machines (taking our jobs and our very humanity along with it), speaking directly to those we want to reach is more important than ever. It makes us feel like there are people behind the businesses we deal with which makes us feel safe, human and valued.

The next question is…

What is your story? When you find what the story behind your company is, -the one you want to share and tell, it will be easier to find the right words for it.

When to hire the voice over talent?

Once you have the words down, then you can look for that voice that is best fit for your story and for your company. Don’t decide until you have those final words down, because the tone may change depending on the style of writing you are using and that can evolve quite a bit in the creation phase!

What’s next?

Get a sample of your script read by the talents of your choice. Keep in mind that the more talents you reach out to for auditions (samples of your script being read), the more difficult your decision will be. So stay happy and keep it simple because less is more. Choose 1-3 talents and make a decision from there. Have fun!